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Sukhpreet | 3 years ago
Hello, I Am Very Interested In Getting A Dog, However Where I Live I Might Have …

Hello, I am very interested in getting a dog, however where I live I might have an issue with our neighbours. They have two dogs, both primarily live in their back garden, they have had them for about several years and have never taken either of them for a walk. Whenever I go into my back garden they start barking incessantly, they are often left alone for hours despite one of the couple who live there not working. Would still be possible for me to get a dog, take it into the garden for toilet-training and to play under these circumstances?

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  1. Laura

    You COULD, but it would take work. I ‘d also look into reinforcing your fencing, and making it impossible to see through. I’m sorry your neighbors are terrible dog owners. 🙁

    1. Sukhpreet Post author

      They already can’t see through I have high fences and there’s no way they can possibly get into my garden but it’s the noise of us opening our door or walking that sets them off. I know it’s not their fault they must be bored out of their minds. I worry any dog I got would be scared or distracted too much by them

      1. Laura

        Well, if you keep a pup engaged with YOU when outside, they’re less likely to be distracted by the other dogs.

        I wouldn’t leave a dog out in the garden unsupervised – I don’t with my 6 year old, and I certainly wouldn’t with a puppy. If pup starts barking like a fool, the fun ends and everyone goes inside.

        1. Sukhpreet Post author

          I’ve read not to ever let a dog unsupervised and was planing on having it on a lead when in the garden until properly trained. Thanks for your reply, I was more concerned someone would have experienced something like this before and had negative outcome. I’m more than happy to spend extra on training the puppy as well

  2. Sarah

    Hi there😊 I’m in agreement with a Laura- it will take work on your part. But it’s possible. You will just have to work a lot on proper training to get your dog in the mindset he or she needs to be in. You’ll almost ha e to somewhat desensitize them to your neighbors dog(s). That will be hard work, but again- with time, patience and training, anything is possible. And also- I would test the fence and make sure there is no way dogs can get in or through it… just to be safe. Best of luck!

    1. Sukhpreet Post author

      Thanks for the replies its very helpful. I know 100% their dogs can’t get through the fence. They mostly stay in a patio area in their garden and our fence is high, no holes and cement slabs at the bottom.

      I am prepared to spend a lot of money on training so that I can do this right, the type of dog I’d like is a Golden Labrador


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