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rachael | 3 years ago
My 5 Year Old Dog Had An Enterotomy 4 Days Ago. This Morning I Noticed…

My 5 year old dog had an enterotomy 4 days ago. This morning I noticed a firm lump near the top of the incision site, it is not noticeable by sight just by feeling the area. The actual incision looks fine, no redness, swelling, drainage etc. Not painful to touch. Any thoughts on what it may be ?

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2 years ago

Good morning-
If there is no swelling and it does not hurt, there is a good chance it could just be part of the healing process/scar tissue. I would definitely keep and eye on it, and if things change at all make a note. You are probably do for a follow up in the next few days anyway, no? Being that your dog isn’t n any pain and there aren’t any obvious signs of infection, any concerns could probably wait until then. Myself personally, I would call the vet that did the surgery and double check to make sure.


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