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Monila | 3 months ago
I Found A Brownish String Like Object Sticking Out Of My Cat’s Anus. There Was …

I found a brownish string like object sticking out of my cat’s anus. There was also a little bit of blood near his anus. Is this a symptom that he has worms? He has been given a tablet of allwormer. He also has fleas but they are not evident anymore as he has also received medication for fleas. He does not have bloody stool or vomits or sneezing. Please help ! 😢

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Krista Magnifico
2 months ago

I always diagnose worms by sending a fecal sample submitted to the lab. I do not guess and I do not presume. The dewormers can be especially harsh on animals so I only use them if I know the worms they treat for are present.

Krista Magnifico
2 months ago
Reply to  Monila

I don’t know what it is? You can ask your vet to look at it


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