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Gina | 3 months ago
My Rescue Dog Is A Miniature Chihuahua And Today She Broke Her Front Left Leg And …

My rescue dog is a Miniature Chihuahua and today she broke her front left leg and I have no funds to help her until I get my Disability check next month.I was already taking her to the vet as soon as my check came.I don’t know what to do, she is everything to me and in awful pain and I have Never felt so helpless in my life.We have a very strong bond and I love her so much please help her I don’t know what to do I just want to die for real please help Thank you Gina

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  1. Krista Magnifico

    In all cases it is best to have an orthopedic surgeon review the fracture to give options. In many cases it seems cheaper to place a cast but in lots of cases it is not superior to surgery and in many cases it can cost as much to manage over the long term and still give a poorer outcome. In some cases strict confinement can allow healing but it takes weeks and your pet must stay quiet and calm. In all cases I would never recommend amputation or euthanasia until all else had failed over weeks. In fact I never want to recommend euthanasia but these animals must be cared for and given appropriate analgesics. Good luck.


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