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New York, NY, USA


I seen the you tube video on a stray cat with stomatitis and how the care giver was taking her into his home to care for her. I have a cat that had been diagnosed with stomatitis in Sept 2019. I managed to trap her while she was in one of the outdoor shelters and took her to a vet after she stopped eating and acted like she was afraid of her food. Up until about 4 days I have helped her manage the issue by getting her to eat pate foods that I add some water to and make more like a soup or lickable treat. Now she won’t eat that, and she won’t even come near me. If I go out to visit her she runs like she is afraid of me even though she typically allows me to pet her. The next problem is she isn’t using any of the shelters so I have no way to tra her. I know she won’t go into a trp on her own and I can’t lure her with food. So my question is will this subside over a period of days so she can eat again or will she just starve to death and not allow me to help her?


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