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Felicia Baumgarden | 3 years ago
My 9yr Old Dog Was Just Diagnosed With Open Pyometrea. She Started Meds Today And…

My 9yr old dog was just diagnosed with open Pyometrea. She started meds today and as soon as the vet thinks she is able to safely have the surgery it will be done. My question is…. Is there anything that I can do for her pain in the meantime besides Tylenol? Vet didn’t say much and she is in pain. A hot towel a massage anything?I need to help her

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Oh god. Please not Tylenol! Please ask your vet for help with this. I’m sorry I can’t offer this kind of advice here because I don’t know your girl and it wouldn’t be safe for me to do so.

Felicia Baumgarden

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