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Jaymi | 3 years ago
Hi, I Just Had A Scare With My Mini 10yo Pomeranian, Diagnosed With CHF Heart Murmur 5/6, …

Hi, I just had a scare with my mini 10yo Pomeranian, diagnosed with CHF heart murmur 5/6, but went to the cardiologist and said she has grade 2 murmur, no CHF, but mitral valve disease… During this whole thing, I noticed a bump on her nipple, and mentioned it to the vets, but wasn’t worried enough cus there was so much going on w her heart. Now that we got that cleared up w Cardio, I’ve caught my breath but am even more anxious to think she has Pyometra. I’ve been noticing sticky, red discharge from her vagina for a while now, mentioned it to cardio vet, had no comment. I had mentioned it to her regular ver before, and butt scooching, and they cleaned her anal glands. I am beyond anxious and so scared to lose my baby girl. I have an appointment for her to be spayed, which I was already anxious about due to her age and enlarged heart, but now I feel so hopeless and I’m sorry but I’m having trouble trusting vets… i know I shouldn’t say this but how has no one caught anything… Its a much longer story, I’m sorry. I noticed today a lot more discharge, it used to just accumulate a bit in her vag, but noticed it across her bum today… It was hard to tell at first cus she’s black, but I just don’t know what to do. Should I reschedule spay appointment earlier? Anyone, please help me… Not even sure how this site works… found it online researching Pyo…

photos are kinda graphic, sorry..

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  1. Krista Magnifico

    I’m very glad to hear that your cardio appointment went so well. Consider that a HUGE win! It gives everyone a huge sigh of relief in everything you do moving forward. As far as the possible pyo goes I would strongly recommend you call your vet ASAP and be seen by them. Schedule her spay based on this exam and your vets concern about whether it meds to be done immediately or whether it can wait for your scheduled surgery date. Abnormal discharge is abnormal. A sick (lethargic, inappetant, or depressed) dog should be seen immediately. We have an old saying in vet med “never let the sun set on a pyo”. Or another words you don’t wait a day to treat! Good luck. Keep us posted.


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