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Hannah Wicklen | 1 year ago
How To Stop A Dog From Being Aggressive To Another Dog In The House? I Have…

How to stop a dog from being aggressive to another dog in the house?

I have recently brought a new dog home. She is a Coton de Tulear (Ness) and she is a sweet little thing, but she is showing signs of aggression with my current dog who is a Cockapoo.
Ness growls and snarls at her when she is sat on my lap and my Cockapoo tries to come near me. She has been growling at her walking into the kitchen when I am in there and so my other dog won’t come in.

Does anyone have any advise as to what I can do to help the situation? I don’t want to take Ness back as I feel like this can be sorted out.


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This isn’t aggression, this is resource guarding, possibly due to insecurity. She’s guarding you from your other dog. No more lap or couch privileges for Ness (she hasn’t earned them – she doesn’t have good manners), and get her into an obedience class posthaste.


I agree. And I strongly agree with the idea of obedience class. For a MULTITUDE of reasons, not just obedience. It helps with confidence and socialization and bonding as well. Best of luck.?

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