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Diana L | 5 years ago
Hello. My Dog Was Diagnosed With Mites On His Skin And Is Started His Treatment…

Hello. My dog was diagnosed with mites on his skin and is started his treatment this week (injecions and baths 2 times a week with a medicated soap bar). We took him to the vet because he had a really bad rash around his left eye and he kept scratching it to the point of creating sores on his skin. Also the hair on his undereye fell out and the skin on that particular area is extremely pink and scabby (it looks like something is wrong with it basically). We took him to an amazing vet who took great care of him by making him go through all kinds of tests, blood, ultrasound, x ray, and all of his organs are extremely healthy which was surprising considering he’s 10 years old. He scraped a bit of the skin under his eye and according to what he saw under the microscope it was definitely mites. The concern I have is that he keeps scratching around his eyes and hurting the skin repeatedly. The doctor told us not to apply any topical creams directly around the eye since the injections will supposedly be effective enough. In spite of that, I notice his eye is red and watery and I’m sure there has to be some cream that I can apply to relieve the itchiness because I can’t stand to see him in any pain or discomfort. I also wanted to know if the best would be to get a cone for him maybe? I don’t know if mites reproduce and his eye might be getting worse by the day which scares me. Also it is really difficult to wash skin that’s so close to his wye with soap since it can get in the eye and irritate it even more so I think just injections won’t really relieve the most affected area which is around his eyes since I can’t go through with the treatment properly in the area that needs the most attention. Thank you in advance for your help!

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  1. Krista Magnifico

    I am not sure what is available in your area, but these days I use Nexgard, Simparica, or Bravecto for any suspect mites cases. See if your vet can prescribe one of these? Also inquire about anti-itch help (in fact I recommend that you call the vet back and ask for help) instead of just placing an ecollar AND NOT addressing the itch. There are quite a few option available for helping to stop the itch,, and often in my patients I add an ophthalmic ointment to help the eyes heal and feel better. I feel pretty confident that there is help for all of your inquiries, call the vet back and ask..

Diana L

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