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Danielle | 8 years ago
I Am Wondering About Doggie Sunscreen.

I Am Going On Vacation And We Walk Most Of…

I am wondering about doggie sunscreen.

I am going on vacation and we walk most of the day on pavement. My dog has a pink barely hairy belly and seems to get sunburn by the end of our trip. I looked for sunscreen and couldn’t find any. Is their something else I could use to help protect her? Maybe baby sunscreen or something natural?

Thanks for any advise.

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7 years ago

Hi Danielle,What a great question! I found this article that may be of some help to you. Basically, it says that sunscreen is great for dogs with thin hair or exposed skin–they can get sunburn, too! Be careful about finding a sunscreen that will not be toxic to your dog–they can ingest the lotion if they lick–and what dog isn’t going to at least try some of that stuff! I noticed you said that you walk on pavement. Be very careful, because if your dog can get a burn from the radiant heat from the asphalt, imagine how that… Read more »


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