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Cathi | 8 years ago
I Rescued My Cat 10 Months Ago From Outside Where I Found Her Starving And…

I rescued my cat 10 months ago from outside where I found her starving and in pitiful shape. Took her and got her shots and checked out. She was already fixed although I thought she was a young kitten. Anyway she has had a very loving home and at least tripled her weight but she still acts wild towards me. I feel like she may be truly feral from the noises she makes and her overall attitude. Should I just be patient with her or is it ever okay to let them back outside?

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Krista Magnifico
8 years ago

Hello Cathi, Thank you for your question. I think that are a few very interesting points to discuss here. 1. Cats are uniquely individual beings. Some of them are cute and cuddly, some of them are independent and aloof. If you have an independent kitty it will take time and patience for this to change. Your kitty was found outside then she had to learn survival skills on her own. 2. I wonder how you knew that she was already spayed? The reason I ask is that if she is not spayed she might be going into heat and this… Read more »


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