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Brenda Yamasaki | 6 years ago
He Examined Her & Showed Me Her Inflamed Upper Back Gums And Three Teeths That…

He examined her & showed me her inflamed upper back gums and three teeths that he advised should be removed. Blood tests, etc where taken and antibotic meds. subscribed to reduce swelling. If Blood works normal then extractions is estimated at $480.00. A fair cost amount? My husband doesn’t think so. I think it’s.

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

The price depends on the vet and the area in which you live.  My regular vet does dental starting at $600.00 plus $99 for each tooth that he removes.  I don’t use him for this service. There is a vet about an hour away from me that charges $150 for any dental work, doesn’t matter how many teeth come out.  I use her for my fosters when they have teeth issues.  But since I never asked – this may be a special price for fosters (my own pets get their teeth brushed and don’t have dental issues). I have read… Read more »

Brenda Yamasaki

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