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London, UK


Hi, I really need some help and advice. Last week Thursday the 2nd of July I found out my cat who is 15 years of age has got some type of liver cancer which I found so hard to believe due to him being so active and recently went for annual boosters in April all healthy. The blue cross animal hospital in London did a quick ultrasound which they found mixed echogenicity with multiple hard, irregular liver . mixed echogenicity with multiple hypoechoic circular lesions. Please can I get some advice on this can he survive after surgery? Do cats have this due to there age? Any cure he has yellow ears and mouth. Have been prescribed steroid and I got nutramin from another vet which has milk thistle. They did refer me to an oncologist which are charging £2000 for a CT scan. Not sure if to proceed due to the ultrasound which confirmed the above. I don’t want to go and folk out so much money and still back a square one. Please advice any experience will help. I am going mad here as I do not know what to do.

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