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Paw pad laceration


Delaware, USA


Around 3 months ago my boyfriend and I adopted M’Baku, a nearly 2 year old Pitt Mix, from a local shelter. I personally never saw myself getting a Pitt, and as a first time dog owner, I was more inclined to get a puppy so we could learn together. My boyfriend, however, fell in love with dog and after seeing how miserable he was at the shelter and how much the staff there loved him and used him to introduce new dogs to the shelter, I decided to roll the dice and welcome this little gremlin into our home. I won’t say that I regret this decision, but it has provided far more challenges than I ever expected… from M’Baku jumping out of my boyfriends moving truck the same day we got him — his first visit to the ER, to learning that he has some behavioral issues and can be very protective— he had started to snarl/ growl/ bark at me if I came into the room while my boyfriend was there, but it wasn’t until after he nipped some girl that came too close to my boyfriend that we decided we were not qualified enough dog owners for this little guy, and brought him back to the shelter… only to learn when we called to check on him that the shelter planned to euthanize him! I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t an easy decision to take him back.. I really hated feeling afraid walking from one room to the next… but we do believe he is a good dog for the right family… an experienced dog owner family… however, we were his only option at that time. We wanted to meet with a behavioralist to get us…and him…the training we all need, in hopes of helping to find him a better fitting family. Now, however, our time and money are going into his recent paw injury. I love this dog, but I would be lying if I said that I don’t feel pretty depleted at this time. I don’t think this is a normal experience for dog owners, but it does make me question if maybe I should just stick to the felines…

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