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Justin Texas


We at Auralsplint Inc. PBC have a FDA concluded Class 1 Medical Device and taping method for Holistic treating of aural hematoma in dog. Researched, tested, and effective for correcting early onset aural hematoma. Non-surgical and cost effective approach intended to alleviate unneeded surgical and post operative care allowing pet owners the ability to Heal without Wounding their pets. Auralsplint does not allow the spilling of blood and serum during treatment as does surgical interventions. The blood and serum are integral in forming the thin layer of blood clot within the hematoma region, and it is this foundry of elements which the animal uses in its rehabilitative processes to seal the broken blood vessels and regrow the tissues for permanent attachment of the skin to cartilage. Simple and effective for both veterinarians and animal owners through continued study of treatment advances.

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