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Amanda | 1 month ago
My Dog Is Coughing Mostly At Night When We Are In Bed. It Is Kind Of …

My dog is coughing mostly at night when we are in bed. It is kind of a cough where it sounds like she is trying to get something up. During the day she is sneezing alot and seems to have a runny nose. I am not sure if it is a cold or what. Also she still has energy wants to play and drinks water but is being very picky about her food. She strictly wants table food. Anyway the coughing is a little concerning. Is it something I should worry about she is 5 months old.

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1 month ago

Good morning- i think that I would make an appointment to see the vet. It could be a range of things and they will be able to give her a thorough exam to rule out anything serious and probably give you something to help. I’m guessing if she is only 5 months a regular check at the vet is soon on your list of things possibly anyway? Hope your pup is ok💛🐾

1 month ago

Coughing should be of concern. I agree, I would get her to the vet. Could be kennel cough, could be something else.


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