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Angi Grandstaff | 3 years ago
Our Outdoor Cat (1yr) Wasn’t Around During The Day, Like She Usually Is, For Lots…

Our outdoor cat (1yr) wasn’t around during the day, like she usually is, for lots of love. When she finally came around that night, we noticed the top of her tail seemed skinned on the bottom part (just meaty flesh), about 2.5inches. We went to our local farm store and bought a spray to keep infection out and help heal. She seemed to feel better a couple days later, eating and coming around more. Then we noticed the whole tail was looking abnormal, like skinned, with fur hanging. She became more herself, following us around property, wanting alot of love, moving easily, jumping up on things, eating well. 2.5 weeks since this first began, and today, the whole outer part came off! It was almost like a cacoon type looking, hollow inside! All the hair and everything is now gone, just about 4-5″ of completely bare flesh.
I have documented with video/pictures the whole time. We weren’t sure if an animal tried to bite her, or she had gotten it caught in a trap? We love her so much, my 5yr old has raised her after her mommy died 6wks after birth. We are a one income family, and my husband is about to have surgery that we have to pay for upfront, as well as coming up with the money the short term disability won’t pay for 6wks…we are at a loss?
First pic is how it has looked for about 2 weeks, then the other 3 pics are from today ?)

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  1. Krista Magnifico

    My guess is that the tail should be amputated to the point where there is viable skin to close the incision. I am worried that the hair will not grow back and she will be in constant discomfort to the point of self traumatizing. I don’t have any cheaper options for you. I’m sorry. I suppose there is a chance the tail might heal but any and all open wounds should be carefully monitored for infection and maggots. Please see a vet. At least for an exam and ask for guidance.

  2. Sarah

    I am soo sorry this happened. I know you’re on a tight budget, but I would definitely get her to a vet to examine it and get her some antibiotics at the very least. Explain to the. You’re financial situation up front and that you of course love this cat but have to take the most cost effective option at this point in time. As she is an outdoor cat, it is going to probably be a bit difficult to monitor her closely… having said that, I agree with Dr. Magnifico and really recommend getting to a vet to assess the situation and get advice. Best of luck!!??

Angi Grandstaff

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