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Cleveland, TN, USA


Hi, my name is Amy, I am a Veteran diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis in 2007; I am a single mother of 2 and I have several animals, one including Ace-Stounding or “Ace” why do I point out Ace… He was born 3-1-2014, solid black with one white whisker ( it fell out and turned back later was cute) and pretty blue eyes which we knew would change but my daughter fell in love. Now, my daughter has moderate to severe anxiety and Ace has been her baby so of course we decided he would stay! Around 6 months this baby was still nursing on Momma! But he would always go back to his human mom whenever he was done… About this time I took Ace to have him fixed and about 4 months later we noticed he was straining to use the bathroom…that’s when we found out he had FIU ironically– kind of like me!  I started to really bond with Ace– I knew his pain…I even tried to commit suicide–how selfish, I know. We were commited to making sure his diet was wet, we tried the prescription dry food etc. But helping him with stress, changing toys around or rotating toys, enclosed enclosure, he did great for a while but now he is has made a turn for the worse we are about to put a new enclosure up however while we wait he was begging to go out…and well he recently became block…that is where we are now…2 days in the vet and he is still having issues with blockage…the cath even gets blocked! So, I have decided as well as the vet that he may need the PU surgery and to lose a little weight plus back on the prescription diet this time the wet form… The surgery, however, is pretty expensive $3200 here in Tennessee! I trying to find a clinic that will perform this surgery but with either payments or lower cost… unfortunately, most no not take payments and with this stay I used up all my care credit. I am here searching for resources or help!


Thank you,

Amy Rose

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